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Shared property issues during divorce & separation

Divorce is rarely something you consider when buying a property with a spouse. It can feel like you've invested time, money and effort for nothing, and the resulting financial implications can appear overwhelming.

This doesn't have to be the case though - you can still benefit from a quick sale of your shared property or land. This will enable you to more easily divide up any assets and avoid unnecessary and time consuming negotiations.

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Selling London, The Home Counties & The South East property during a separation – tips & priorities

You and your spouse need to calculate between you how much you can accept for the property, in order to leave you both in a comfortable financial situation. A faster sale from our expert team can mean both parties will reach a resolution more easily, without any surprise fees to add to the calculation.

Financial discussions will be much more successful if you remain detached and amicable when dealing with your home sale, as this will ensure the best deal possible. Keep your documents and records organised and decide who needs to be present for each step of the process.

Try to embrace your new beginning and take advantage of a quick cash sale of your land and property, to ease some of the the burden.

Sell my house due to divorce

Why choose ALP Developments?

  • We pay cash for your land or property
    Yes, you may get a lower price than if you sold in the traditional way, but there are many other benefits we provide, such as no fees, a quick sale and a cash sale.
  • We have no hidden fees or costs
    We’ll treat you fairly during the sale and never reduce our formal offer price at the last minute. Sadly, some unscrupulous companies still use this practise regularly.
  • Have the cash in your bank in just 7 days
    We’re cash buyers which means that you can sometimes have the cash transferred to your bank within 7 days, private, hassle-free, with no chains to worry about.
  • Experienced, 100% Confidential team
    We have many years experience as property buyers, so if circumstances lead you to sell your property in a hurry, we ensure you receive the best help and support.